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Bike itinerary - Port Lauragais and its surrondings

Publié le : 08/25/2019 16:42:18
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Bike itinerary - Port Lauragais and its surrondings

Duration: 1 day

Distance: 15 km, 1 hour by bike about

Difficulty: Easy


Located between Toulouse and Castelnaudary, in the far north of the Haute Garonne department, Port Lauragais is a small Occitan marina on the banks of the Canal du Midi.

The latter belongs to the charming town of Avignonet Lauragais, 49km from Toulouse. The small port, built in 1980, is located on a motorway stop, connected to the town.

Our Paulette - Port lauragais agency, 21 Port Lauragais, is located at the foot of the village and is accessible from the motorway or from the village.

If you are on the road or after picking up your bicycles at the Maison de la Haute-Garonne, discover the Lauragais region, which has a remarkable natural and built heritage.

To start your walk, join the Maison de la Haute-Garonne. This establishment, on the edge of the port, offers a beautiful exhibition dedicated to the Canal du Midi.

You can discover all the secrets of the Canal through panels, models and showcases on the history of the Canal. The Maison de la Haute-Garonne also offers a territory area. You can discover the Lauragais, its know-how and its gastronomy!

The House is open from May to September and free admission.

Then discover the surroundings by taking the Voie Verte, a tarred path. Port-Lauragais is the starting point (or arrival point) of this cycle path along the Canal du Midi to Toulouse. The itinerary is marked by beautiful bastides.

Thanks to this track arranged on the old towpath you will be able to discover a colourful, authentic countryside.

Return to the canal.

Follow the banks of the canal for 3km then return to Avignonet-Lauragais by crossing the bridge that follows the Emborel lock.

You will arrive in the authentic village next to Port Lauragais.

Avignonet was one of the four fortresses that dominated Naurouze and controlled the Aquitaine route in the past.

Get closer to the village centre. The city was fortified by walls in the 12th century. We can see the remains of ramparts:

You will pass at the level of the Anicienne Porte de Cers, which has kept its defensive tower in a pepperbox.

This tower was built in 1610 to strengthen the defence. It protected the drawbridge giving access to the village.

Simon de Montfort, a figure of the crusade against the Albigensians, is represented in a statue at the foot of the building.

Turn to your left. In the middle of the village is the church of Notre-Dame-des-Miracles. The Gothic church, dating from the 14th and 15th centuries, is decorated with bricks made of sandstone and limestone.

Stop to visit the monument from both inside and out.
Admire the octagonal stone bell tower and the stair tower crowned by a hooked spire. The nave, about 40 metres long with five flanked bays, has been modified but its original plan has been preserved.

This church is dedicated to Our Lady of Miracles, Virgin found under the porch of the old church.

Leave the village by taking on your right as you leave the church. Turn right on Chemin de Cahuzac, then left. You will join the wind farm of the town.

The Lauragais region, very windy, is a territory where many mills but also countless wind turbines are located. There are 5 parks in the department.

You will pass through a field of solar panels and ten majestic wind turbines before taking a small country road.

The asphalt road is hilly and passes between the fields.

Return to Saint Laurent by the D80 then descend to Montferrand by the D218.

The heights of the small village offer a beautiful view of the surrounding countryside. Climb to the top, you can also admire the ruins of the castle and an aeronautical lighthouse.

The latter is one of the last remaining air lighthouses, built in the 1920s to materialize the first air routes of the "Line".

Finally, return to your place of departure.

Take the path of Barri Pitchou then Saint Pierre to reach the Canal. At the banks take on your right.

You will arrive on Port Lauragais.

For lunch, the restaurant "la Dinée" offers regional dishes with a view of the lake.

If you wish to extend your stopover in Port Lauragais, Navicanal offers you the rental of small electric boats for hourly walks, in freedom or accompanied by a guide.
The company also offers the rental of a boat with a capacity of 12 people for the day, with family or friends.

To end your half-day in Lauraga, drop off your bike in our Paulette agency and/or leave for your next stopover.

If you continue towards Castelnaudary, you will pass through the Naurouze Threshold: which is a large basin symbolising the watershed between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The point is the highest point of the Canal du Midi.

Two pedals away from the site, an obelisk dominates. You will find explanatory panels on how the Canal du Midi works.

Do you want to follow this route with your application or GPS? Feel free to consult our itinerary here and download it in GPX format!

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