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Bike itinerary - Fronton and its surroundings

Publié le : 08/27/2019 11:50:18
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Bike itinerary - Fronton and its surroundings

Duration: 1 day

Distance: 34 km, 3 hours by bike approximately

Difficulty: Easy


Located in the north of the Haute-Garonne, between Toulouse and Montauban, Fronton is a charming Occitan village that is one of the oldest French vineyards.

Between vineyards, forests and fields, Fronton has a remarkable natural and built heritage.

In this itinerary, we invite you to discover Fronton and its surrounding area, which borders the Canal de Garonne.

Whether you are roaming or have just picked up your bike at the Fronton Tourist Office, Avenue de Villaudric, get on your bike.

Return to the D29, take on your right then take the street of May 19, 1962.

You will reach Square Gauzy on Avenue Adrien Escudier. Under a porch, you will find an exhibition of tools used to work the vine and wine; enough to inaugurate your "vineyard" day.

Now follow the D4, starting on your left.

In the heart of the village are the halls of Fronton. On Thursdays or Sundays, on the square of November 11th, the Jean Ferran alleys, the Marcorelle esplanade and the Pierre Campech esplanade take place the market. The latter is the largest market in northern Toulouse.

If you visit the city, stop to discover local products and buy lunch. For several years now, the market has been awarded the "Marché de France" label.

In the middle of the esplanades dominates "Notre Dame de l'Assomption". This church, adorned with red brick, was built in the 11th century and given to the Hospitallers of St John of Jerusalem who established their monastery next door. In the 15th century, the building was completely rebuilt.

The tower now includes the "Chapel of the Great Prior" on the ground floor, and the "Chapter Hall" whose vaults have preserved the sculpted bases on the first floor.

Visit the beautiful building before getting on your bikes.

Now you can discover the vineyards and forests of the Fronton region.

Take the D47 to get away from the village.

After 2 km, take the Caillol track on your right. After a few pedals, you will see the entrance to Domaine Joliet.

Stop off at this castle, which has won many competitions. Admire the 25 hectare vineyard on alluvial terraces (slopes) and discover the different ranges of PDO and PGI Fronton wines. The winegrowers are committed to respecting the environment and practice a rational harvest.

The territory of Froton holds many domains. It was the Romans who planted the first vines on the land overlooking the Tarn valley in the 11th century.

According to legend, when they returned from the crusade, the Knights of the Order of St John of Jerusalem brought back from Cyprus the Négrette grape variety, which today is the hallmark of Fronton PDO wines.

This exclusive black grape variety produces fruity and elegant wines with aromas of violet, black fruit, and spices such as liquorice and pepper.

La Négrette produces beautiful red and rosé wines that you can taste at Château Joliet.
It is possible to have the wine delivered to your home.

Return to the D47. Turn right and continue for 5 km. The paved road is sheltered by dense vegetation. Around you, forest and fields follow one another. You will pass a few hills before arriving at Grisolles.

In the city centre, visit the Calbet Museum. This small museum is in a typical half-timbered village house. It presents objects from everyday life at the beginning of the 20th century.

You will discover the steps involved in the manufacture of broomsticks. From the sprig of sorghum to the finished broom.
The temporary exhibitions are eclectic: from Toulouse faience to contemporary artists.

Picnic and stroll through the small village before heading towards the Canal de Garonne. This 193 km long Canal connects the Canal du Midi to Toulouse and the Gironde.

Walk along the canal and admire the surrounding landscape. The route is paved.

After 5 km, cross the landscaped banks to return to Fronton. You will arrive in the authentic village of Saint Ruspice and then pass through the heart of the vineyards before reaching Fronton after 13 km by bike.

If you are staying in the area between 25/07 and 31/08, continue your journey to Villaudric. Don't miss visiting Villaudric Castle, which is both beautiful on the outside and inside.

You will discover mysterious medieval cellars, an original oval dining room with very beautiful woodwork as well as a ceremonial lounge and its perfectly preserved furniture.

If you are looking to buy wine, we recommend the "Vinovalie" cooperative cellar located north of Fronton. You will find all kinds of PDO Fronton wine from the Négrette grape variety but also other varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsaut, Cot among others.

Return to the centre of Fronton and the Tourist Office to close this rural day.

Do you want to follow this route with your application or GPS? Feel free to consult our itinerary here and download it in GPX format!

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