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Bike itinerary - Narbonne - Saint Pierre la Mer

Publié le : 08/20/2019 14:28:38
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Bike itinerary - Narbonne - Saint Pierre la Mer

Duration : 1 day

Distance: 33 km, 2 hours by bike about

Difficulty: Easy


Located at the crossroads of the Corbières, the Minervois, the Clape and the Mediterranean Sea, Narbonne is a historic city where life is good. After visiting the city, discover the surrounding countryside and the coast.

The territory is easily discovered by bike via cycle routes to the sea. Something to delight sports enthusiasts or families.

In this itinerary, we invite you to discover the lower slopes of the Massif de la Clape, which overlooks the sea and offers magnificent Mediterranean landscapes.

After picking up your bike at the Paulette - Narbonne Agency, 11 Boulevard Condorcet, go to your right, heading south.

Go through the alleys of Narbonne. Turn right at the first roundabout on Boulevard Marcel Sembat, take the first left on Avenue du maréchal Foch and then on your right catch up with rue du Capitole. You will discover the old town by going down rue Rouget de l'Isle.

With more than 2500 years of history, Narbonne presents some jewels not to be missed such as the Cathedral of Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur and the Archbishops' Palace.

Stop to admire the exterior of the monuments.

Before the Merchant Bridge, take the road on your left. Join the banks of the Canal de la Robine and head south. In the morning, stock up at Les Halles de Narbonne, one of the most beautiful covered markets in France.

Follow the towpath for a few kilometers, the landscape changes. You are in the Narbonne Regional Nature Park. The path is now a more stony one.

About 7 km from Narbonne, turn off onto the small chemin de la Carbonnelle by following the cycle route "La Littorale". This cycling route, largely paved, will take you to your destination.

By taking a right at the end of the path you will follow several small canals (from Reunion Island and then the Sainte Marie) that lead to Gruissan. When you see the pond of Gruissan, take on your left to follow the green lane.

This part of the route is quite wild.

On the other side of the lagoon stands the Barbarossa tower, Gruissan's emblem. We recommend that you visit the village if you are staying in the area.

At the end of the pond, take the first right at the roundabout, then follow the cycle path.

When leaving Gruissan, cross the D332. On your left, the Massif de la Clape offers itself to you. This classified natural site is known for its vineyards, wooded valleys and garrigue plateaus.

Follow the green lane for 6 km. You will follow the D332 on a quality asphalt road
before arriving on the Narbonne beachfront.

Take a lunch break in the seaside resort. To find a restaurant, do not hesitate to visit the website of the Grand Narbonne Méditerranée.

Then leave for Saint-Pierre la Mer and the beautiful landscapes around.

As a bonus, if you are on a mountain bike. Cross the seaside resort to reach the Gouffre de l'œil Doux, in the heart of 600 hectares of protected scrubland. At the end of the station of Saint Pierre la Mer, take the chemin de la Draye des Chaudières then turn left on a small track to leave the road and join the domaine de l'Oustalet.

Leave the mountain bike and go on foot to discover this natural site. Resulting from the collapse of the ceiling of an underground cave thousands of years ago, the Gouffre de l'Œil Doux is undoubtedly the main activity of this excursion. The small emerald green lake surrounded by limestone and pines is located in the heart of the Clape massif.

Be careful, swimming is prohibited.

If you are walking with your family, Domaine de L'Oustalet is ideal because it offers pony rides and a free visit to a mini farm. Something to delight the youngest.

Also visit the sheepfold eco-museum, which is 5 minutes by bike from the estate; near the abyss. The exhibition will introduce you to a collection of antique objects (tools, clothing, old-fashioned machines, etc.).

Return to the family resort of Saint Pierre la Mer.

If you are staying in the region, do not miss exploring the winegrowing estates such as Château Laquirou and Château Mire l'étang. These estates, in AOC la Clape, offer the possibility to order and have the wine delivered to your home.

In Saint-Pierre la Mer do not miss to walk near the pond of Pissevaches. You can practice many water activities (wakaboard, kayak, paddle, etc.) and admire an exceptional fauna.

For more information on accommodation and activities in Saint-Pierre La Mer, do not hesitate to visit the website of the Greater Mediterranean Narbonne:

Cycling back to Narbonne at the end of your stay.

Do you want to follow this route with your application or GPS? Feel free to consult our itinerary here and download it in GPX format!

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