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Bike itinerary - Discovery tour of Sète

Publié le : 08/25/2019 15:07:26
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Bike itinerary - Discovery tour of Sète

Duration: 1 day

Distance: 20 km, about 1h30 by bike

Difficulty: Easy


Located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Thau basin, dominated by Mont Saint Clair and dotted with canals, Sète is one of France's favourite tourist cities according to the Internet user.

Sète is above all a port city where art, culture, traditions and Mediterranean warmth blend together.

On this itinerary, discover "Little Venice of Languedoc" for a day.

Whether you are finishing your itinerary on the Canal du Midi or just getting on your bikes, take the time to discover this city with its southern accents.

From the Paulette branch, 9 Rue de Madrid, go to the city centre via the station. You will find here the recommended itinerary to get back to the centre.

Cross the canals.

When you arrive in the heart of the old town, admire the colourful facades reflected on the canal.

Lose yourself in the alleys that hide many attractions. While walking around you will probably come across paintings and other curiosities. The city is indeed dotted with street art. To find them easily, we invite you to consult the "MaCo" map where all the paintings are listed.

Make a stop at the halls of Sète. You can buy or taste Sète specialities, such as tielles. This typical dish is a round pie with a filling made of octopus and spicy tomato sauce. Sète cuisine, influenced by Catalonia and Provence, is a healthy cuisine, mainly from the sea.

Return to the canals and walk along them towards the port.

Sète is now the second largest port in the Mediterranean. Admire the multitude of trawlers and fishermen who are returning to the city.

For lunch, we recommend the restaurant "Oh Gobie". Sit on the terrace and enjoy the freshly caught fish, just a stone's throw from the auction.

Get closer to the old harbour basin, which was once used as a commercial port and is now dedicated to pleasure boating.

Walk along this 650-metre long stone pavement called "Môle saint Louis".

At the end of the harbour, you will probably see cruise ships. The "Phare Saint Louis" dating from 1700, sits at the end of the pier. Today the place no longer has any external use but can be visited.
Climb to the top of this lookout and enjoy a 360° view of the commercial port, the marina and the old town.

Get on your bike again to discover the heights of the city.
Climb Mount Saint Clair, which was once used as a lair or refuge for sailors, pirates and privateers. Be careful the difference in altitude is important.

At the top, a splendid panoramic view of Sète and the Mediterranean awaits you.

Go down from the Mount on the other side, towards the huge beaches of Sète.

Catch the ledge. After 4 km by bike, you will arrive on the beach of Lido.

Enjoy the sea air and fine sand before taking the pleasant path to the cornice again.

Return to the city centre and then walk along the canal again.

If you are visiting from August 22nd to 25th, don't miss the Feast of Saint Louis. The celebration is the most anticipated event in the city.
You will attend the famous jousting games. This typical Languedoc sport consists of a confrontation between two players standing on boats propelled by rowers.

Finally, go back to the Paulette agency, via the station, if your stay ends in Sète.

Then dine in a gourmet restaurant "L'Arrivage", a stone's throw from the hotel.

For the night, we recommend staying at the "Orque bleue" hotel, which offers a superb view of the canals.

Do you want to follow this route with your application or GPS? Feel free to consult our itinerary here and download it in GPX format!



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