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What is a micro-adventure ?

Publié le : 07/08/2021 15:56:43
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What is a micro-adventure ?

How many have thought of leaving everything behind, grabbing a backpack and heading off on an adventure? Have you thought about it? But have you done it? Few can say that. In the imagination of many people, going on an adventure means taking a leap into the void, a slightly crazy project that most of the time we only imagine. But who said that adventure was only for the brave and the bold?

Adventure is above all a state of mind

For Alastair Humphrey (voted Adventurer of the Year 2012 by The National Geographic) "adventure is about stretching yourself, expanding mentally, physically or culturally. It's about doing something you don't normally do, pushing yourself, doing the best you can. This is how the concept of micro-adventure was born: so that everyone can offer themselves a different experience, even an extreme sport, close to home, often in the middle of nature. Micro-adventure is a philosophy of life that can be adapted to any rhythm and lifestyle, you just need to have the desire! For an afternoon, an evening or a weekend, get out of your routine and swap your usual means of transport, car or public transport, for a bike, a kayak or hiking boots.

Why try to organise and plan a trip for months on end and look for adventure, experiences and sensations on the other side of the world if they can be right next door?

This is a feeling that is increasingly prevalent among the French population after months of health restrictions that limit our ability to travel. Indeed, the 10 and then 100 kilometre travel limit has forced the French to live local experiences. We have thus seen with the awakening of awareness in recent years but also with the confinement the birth of a new type of tourism aiming to combine respect for the environment, proximity tourism and the search for authenticity. Consequently, with an increasing environmental awareness correlated with the desire to discover or even rediscover the national territory, micro-adventures are gradually contributing to the dynamism of rural territories via. After all, as Marcel PROUST explained, "the true voyage of discovery does not consist in seeking new landscapes, but in seeing with new eyes". Cycling adventures also reduce CO2 emissions and, unlike a train journey with a pre-established departure and arrival point, the micro-adventure allows you to live your adventure as you imagine it: bivouacking in the mountains in the middle of winter? it's up to you! An adventure adapted to your means, your desires and above all, since it is independent of the high seasons, totally free!

So, a bike adventure during a country walk, a picnic by the lake... the choices are numerous but if you lack inspiration, microadventure guides are there to accompany the neophyte adventurer: Helloways, The Other Life, Black Sheep Adventure, 2 Days to Live or Chilowe which is a good entry point to start this experience. A guide "that will get everyone out of the house" by offering city dwellers in search of ideas, wilderness camping, snowshoeing and bivouacking in the mountains.

If you have half a day, a day or a weekend ahead of you, go for it!

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