Paulette's story

2018, the adventure begins

Paulette's story begins at the end of 2018 when Alain and Hélène, father and daughter from the South of France, decide to simplify bike rental for everyone

New service of bike rental online

Paulette's launching on the Canal du Midi, a new online service offering accessories and services to practice cycling easely and serenely.

More than 20 years of experience in the rental industry

The company, created in January 2019, is built on Alain's 20 years experience of car rental as well as on Hélène's digital marketing skills

Paulette is :

The mix of two generations. The perfect match between the "traditional business", client and service oriented, and the "digital economy" that brings simplicity and responsiveness.

At Paulette's, the team has a single purpose :

Reinventing bike rental by offering a high quality of service, "Made in France" bikes, an exciting experience and a fair price.

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