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10 reasons to plan a cycling trip to France in 2024

Publié le : 01/02/2024 15:45:37
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10 reasons to plan a cycling trip to France in 2024

With 2024 fast approaching, it's time to start planning your travels for the new year. Why not consider a cycling adventure this time? Here are 10 reasons we think will convince you to choose cycling as the means of transport for your next getaway in 2024.

1. Landscape diversity

France is a country renowned for its varied landscapes and well-developed cycle routes. Make the most of it and let yourself be seduced by emblematic routes such as the Canal des Deux Mers à Vélo, which links the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, or the Vélodyssée, which runs along the Atlantic to the Spanish border. As you cycle through the country, you'll be able to admire the diversity of our landscapes, from vineyards and lavender fields to Mediterranean beaches and much more.


As well as providing the physical activity you need in your daily life, cycling also helps to improve your mental well-being.

Pedalling releases endorphins, which reduce stress and improve sleep quality. In 2024, take care of your health while discovering the beautiful landscapes that France has to offer.

3. Meeting and sharing

Cycling gives you the flexibility to take breaks in the villages you pass through, creating opportunities to meet new people along the way.

During your journey, you'll come across many different kinds of people: other cyclists, people who live in the towns and villages you explore... You may even share sections of the route with other cycle travellers, adding a dimension of meeting and sharing to your adventure, which can sometimes even develop into strong bonds.

4.Become a player in sustainable tourism

Today, sustainable tourism has become an imperative, and the bicycle is positioning itself as an ambassador for ecology in the world of travel.

By choosing cycling as a means of transport, you are adopting an environmentally-friendly option. Unlike other more energy-hungry modes of transport, cycling produces no harmful emissions. So every pedal stroke is a direct contribution to reducing your carbon footprint.

5. Freedom of movement

It's important to remember that travelling by bike gives you total freedom! Choose your route, stop when you like and explore places off the beaten track. This flexibility gives you the chance to adjust your route to suit your mood at the time. Don't wait any longer and experience the total freedom of discovering the world at your own pace!

6. A personal challenge

Cycling certainly requires physical endurance, but it also represents a stimulating mental challenge. Overcome obstacles, push yourself beyond your limits and feel an unrivalled sense of satisfaction as you reach your cycling goals. Every kilometre covered becomes a personal victory, an experience where surpassing yourself is the key to the adventure.

7. Save money

If you choose to cycle in 2024, you'll save a lot of money!

Cycling is the cheapest way to go on holiday, although there is still a cost involved in hiring a bike. Even so, compared with the cost of fuel, plane tickets and car hire, cycling is still a cost-effective option. Opting to travel by bike is a smart way to cut costs and still have a memorable experience.

8. Accessible to all!

Whether you're a seasoned cyclist or a beginner, France offers routes to suit all levels. Each touring cycle route can be adapted to suit your experience. Modify the number of kilometres covered per stage according to your ability, adapt the length of your trip, choose the bike that suits you and determine the number of kilometres to cover. Are you going with a group of people of different abilities? An electric bike is an excellent compromise for balancing differences in ability during the trip. In short, it's all about personalisation, and the choice is yours!

9. Discover our cultural heritage

Cycling through France means immersing yourself in a rich and fascinating history. Cycling is a new way of discovering our country's cultural heritage. From medieval castles to Roman remains, every kilometre covered is a plunge into the past, punctuated by impressive architecture and historic sites.

10. Creating memories

Whether it's a getaway with friends, a solo adventure or a family outing, anyone who has ever cycled will tell you: a cycling trip leaves an indelible mark on your memories. Everyone has their share of anecdotes, whether it's funny moments, unexpected adventures, a breakdown that becomes an adventure in itself, or finishing the journey in unexpected rain.

Get on board to create memories, share laughs with fellow travellers and immortalise every moment of your cycling adventure in 2024.


Are you convinced? Consider cycling now as your means of transport for travel in 2024. Call on Paulette for bike hire for a great experience and memorable adventures. Get ready for a year full of discoveries, challenges, encounters and adventures on two wheels!

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