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5 ideas for a day's bike hire in and around Toulouse

Publié le : 11/12/2021 16:18:09
Catégories : The Canal du Midi by bike , Toulouse by bike

5 ideas for a day's bike hire in and around Toulouse

Toulouse, its heritage, its architectural beauty, its lively streets, its historic buildings, the banks of the Garonne...the pink city and its surroundings are to be discovered! Rent a bike and discover Toulouse! We suggest 5 activities to do by bike to make the most of your bike rental in Toulouse!

1) A bike treasure hunt in the streets of Toulouse

If you want to explore the streets of Toulouse in a new way, our urban cycling game, Enigm'a Vélo, is for you! In collaboration with Granhota Game, the specialist in treasure hunts and enigmas in Toulouse, we have created a treasure hunt by bike! Your objective: discover the secret of Paulette's grandfather! To do this, you must set off on an adventure by bike in the pink city from Paulette Location de Vélo Toulouse and collect all the clues scattered around the city's essential places, but not only! You will then have to come back to our bike rental agency to open the trunk and discover the secret, where a few hours before you started the adventure thanks to the game kits and the bikes provided. Use your brains and pedal through the city to discover an exceptional heritage during a ten-kilometre ride. At the end, the history of the pink city will have no more secrets for you! A good time guaranteed!

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2) Meet the Minotaur!

Yes, it may seem surprising, but the half-man, half-bull monster is no longer locked up by Minos in the famous labyrinth! The Minotaur of Toulouse is actually in La Halle de La Machine, one of the city's museums. Located in the Montaudran district, from our Paulette Toulouse rental agency, once you have your bike, ride along the Canal du Midi, the museum is nearby. The canal is the safest way to discover the Minotaur by bike! Leave your bikes behind for a moment and discover this 47-ton giant of wood and steel come to life before your eyes! You might even get the chance to ride on his back, but hang on tight, he can gallop! If you want to discover more, come to Nantes and rent a bike in our agency in Loire-Atlantique and discover the machines of the islands in a few pedal strokes, it is possible that you will meet an elephant a little out of the ordinary!

3) On the trail of Pierre-Paul Riquet by bike

If you think of Claude Nougaro when you think of Toulouse, you should know that Pierre-Paul Riquet is a name that resonates in the city, and more precisely on the banks of the Canal du Midi! Designer and director of the Canal du Midi, if you can spend your weekends relaxing along the canal during bike rides, it is thanks to him! For those who have not yet done so, or for those who would like to come back, we suggest you rent a bike in our agency directly on the banks of the canal to easily reach him and discover the achievements of his engineer! Stroll along the towpaths for an outing along the water, in the shade of the trees, and to the rhythm of the locks. Oval locks rather than the rectangular ones we are used to seeing in the rest of France, this is one of the many particularities of the canal that you will discover as you cycle in the footsteps of Pierre-Paul Riquet. The Canal du Midi will take you out of Toulouse and into the countryside, through fields of sunflowers.

4) Pedal through the vineyards in the heart of the South West!

An activity that will allow you to leave the hustle and bustle of Toulouse to clear your head and recharge your batteries! Starting from the Canal Latéral à la Garonne, with your rental bike, pedal to Rustice and then leave the canal to reach Fronton between Toulouse and Montauban. (You may decide to load your bikes in your car to get there more easily and enjoy the vineyards) Pedal through the heart of the Fronton vineyards, and discover some exceptional estates! Château Caze, Château Boujac, Château Saint-Louis and many others! The bicycle allows you to discover several estates in one day with just a few pedal strokes. This is the ultimate wine-touring activity by bike!

5) Bike ride in the forest

The ideal way to breathe deeply during a bike ride in communion with nature! Several forest areas near Toulouse will delight mountain bike enthusiasts! You can venture into the Bouconne forest, 22 kilometres from Toulouse, which, with its many developed paths and its leisure centre, is ideal for cycling. For a longer day out, you can reach the Bouconne forest from our Paulette Toulouse bike rental agency. Less than 30 kilometres from the hustle and bustle of Toulouse, the forest of Buzet welcomes you to a 400 hectare natural area with numerous cycling routes. If you choose to go further away from Toulouse, in the Massif de Sibore before Montauban, you will find the forest of Agre which promises you beautiful bike rides and even has accrobranche courses! However, you will need to load your rental bikes onto your car in order to enjoy them fully.

We hope these ideas will help you make the most of your bike hire!

Stay tuned for more adventures with Paulette!

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