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5 micro-adventures to live along the Vélodyssée

Publié le : 05/20/2021 15:16:56
Catégories : La Vélodyssée

5 micro-adventures to live along the Vélodyssée

Have you ever heard of a micro-adventure? It is the one that makes you feel the thrill of a great adventure but without time or experience constraints. It is easy to do, close to home and respectful of the environment!

So, you can imagine that there is a lot to do along the longest bike route in France! La Vélodyssée being placed under the sign of encounters and sharing, it will be the perfect opportunity to live mini experiences!


1. A trip to the lake of Guerlédan

With its 12 kilometers length and its 400 hectares surface, the Guerlédan lake is a huge playground in the heart of the Quénécan forest. A multitude of activities are offered to you: tour of the lake walking, riding a bike or a horse, climbing, water-skiing, canoeing, paddle... You are spoilt for choice! Find them by clicking here


2. An oyster tasting in Noirmoutier

What would be an adventure on the Vélodyssée without a shellfish tasting? Oyster farming is a two-hundred-year-old activity on the island of Noirmoutier, and therefore a must stop during your journey along the Atlantic. Looking for an address? Go here with your eyes closed!


3. Discover the Arcachon basin by pinasse

Trade your bike for this small flat-bottomed boat typical of the area and discover the Arcachon basin from another angle! Sail along the oyster beds, the Arguin bank and admire the famous cabanes tchanquées. An address tested and approved right here


4. Visit a Bordeaux vineyard

To do so, you will have to deviate from the itinerary of the Vélodyssée, but it is worth it, especially if there is a tasting of a good glass of Médoc wine at the end! Find the vineyards to visit by clicking here


5. A surf session in Hendaye

The beach of Hendaye is the perfect place to learn how to surf!  It is 3 kilometers long and welcomes families and sportsmen and sportswomen. With its gentle slope and its ideal orientation, the waves are suitable for beginners! A very good address, tested and greatly approved, right here


Stay tuned for new adventures with Paulette!

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