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Discover the beauty of France by bike: Cycle touring through the regions

Publié le : 06/12/2023 10:04:20
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Discover the beauty of France by bike: Cycle touring through the regions

Whether you're a keen cyclist or a beginner looking for a different kind of adventure, cycle touring is an incredible way to discover the French regions. In this article, we'll take you through some of France's most popular cycle-touring destinations, focusing on the stunning scenery, rich culture and exciting challenges that await you.

The Route des Châteaux de la Loire: Start your cycle tour of France in the majestic Loire region. The Route des Châteaux de la Loire takes you through picturesque vineyards, lush forests and breathtaking medieval châteaux. Pedal along the Loire, passing through towns such as Blois, Amboise and Saumur, and soak up the region's rich history.

The Vélodyssée: For lovers of the coast and the ocean, the Vélodyssée is an ideal choice. It's France's longest cycle route, stretching over 1,200 kilometres along the Atlantic coast from Brittany to the Spanish border. Along the way, you'll see magnificent sandy beaches, steep cliffs and charming seaside resorts.

The Route des Grands Crus de Bourgogne: Wine lovers will be delighted to discover the Route des Grands Crus de Bourgogne by bike. This region is renowned for its prestigious vineyards and picturesque villages. Cycle through the famous vineyards of Beaune, Nuits-Saint-Georges and Chablis, and enjoy wine tastings in traditional cellars.

The Canal du Midi cycle route: For a quiet, relaxing adventure, the Canal du Midi cycle route is a perfect choice. This historic canal links the Mediterranean to the Atlantic Ocean and offers a peaceful cycle route along its banks. You'll pass picturesque villages, centuries-old locks and serene landscapes. Don't miss the charming town of Carcassonne, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The French Alps: If you're looking for sporting challenges and breathtaking scenery, the French Alps are for you. With legendary passes such as Alpe d'Huez, the Col du Tourmalet and Mont Ventoux, this region is a paradise for keen cyclists. Be prepared for demanding climbs, but be rewarded with spectacular views and fast descents.

Cycle tourism in France offers a variety of unique experiences, from the winding roads of the Alps to the vineyards of Burgundy, the châteaux of the Loire and the beaches of the Atlantic coast. Whatever your level of cycling or preference, there's a region of France waiting for you with stunning scenery, rich history and captivating culture. So get your bike ready, strap on your helmet and set off on an adventure to discover the beauty of France by bike. 

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