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Bring your bike aboard the train

Publié le : 04/11/2023 18:24:01
Catégories : Organise your cycling trip

Bring your bike aboard the train

Have you ever considered extending your cycling escapades by combining your journey with the train? Whether it's to enjoy a ride without having to retrace your steps, or to start a journey outside the urban areas where we are located, taking the train with your bike can be very practical and considerably broaden your cycling horizons!

This is why we have decided to locate our Paulette rental agencies close to the train stations in the cities where we are located. This way, our customers can pick up and drop off their bikes before and after their trip in a smooth manner.

Cycling is becoming increasingly popular every year, and trains are adapting accordingly by offering dedicated bike spaces, allowing travellers to continue their journey in complete peace of mind.

As mentioned above, taking your bike on the train can be beneficial for a variety of occasions, such as excursions, holidays, business trips or simply to reach more distant destinations. The use of this means of transport can make it easier to organise your cycling adventure.

However, it is essential to find out about the transport rules before you take your bike on board. Some trains may have restrictions on the size and type of bike allowed, as well as on the periods of use. It's also a good idea to find out what the tariffs are for transporting bicycles.

In addition, it is often necessary to reserve bicycle spaces before boarding the train. Check all the specific conditions on the SNCF website !

To sum up, taking your bike on board a train can be a practical solution for travelling easily and further. Make sure you plan your journey carefully and check the policies and tariffs of the train companies for different trains and types of bikes, and embark on a new adventure!

Visit one of our Paulette Bikes agencies and embark on your own adventure!

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