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Can anyone ride a tandem? Is it necessary to learn?

Publié le : 05/20/2021 11:12:12
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Can anyone ride a tandem? Is it necessary to learn?

Riding a tandem bike is an activity that can be debated. Many people are apprehensive about this type of cycling because of fear of the unknown or because of prejudice. However, riding a tandem is a real moment of sharing between two people. Totally different from the classic bike, it is a very appreciated experience for rides but also a very easy activity. That is why we give you some keys for your first ride with a tandem. 


Everybody can experiment this practice by having a bike adapted to his size and his desires. There are several types of tandems: classic tandem (like those proposed on our website), all-terrain tandem (mountain bike tandem) or parent/child tandem (with a narrowing at the back).


On a tandem, the sensations are comparable to those of a heavier bike. The difference is in the driving. You must learn to ride together, to find the right pedaling rhythm. This usually comes after a few kilometers of riding. The initial apprehension quickly fades. You quickly learn to anticipate climbs, descents, accelerations, braking, and to approach turns at the same pace...

For the stocker (person at the back of the bike), the sensations are different. He does not see the road in front of him and cannot direct the bike as he pleases. Thus, it is important that the rider (at the front) warns his teammate of dangers or of his future actions. It is necessary to communicate and trust the other because it is not possible to brake or turn the handlebars at the back. For the pilot, it is better to have flexible arms on the handlebars to be able to rectify the trajectory quickly.

Tandem riding is, in fact, a balance between communication, agility and complicity.


Some advice to enjoy your first experience with a tandem:

  •        Start with short trips, without any difference in altitude
  •        Avoid winding trails
  •        Avoid city centers


Stay tuned for new adventures with Paulette!

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