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Cycling around the Canal du midi good for any bikers?

Publié le : 08/22/2019 15:32:37
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Cycling around the Canal du midi good for any bikers?

Absolutely, and no exception! Any bikers can ride and discover the Canal du midi. 
However, it is useful to get prepared and adapt your journey according to the season and your physical condition. Make sure your equipment is suitable with cold or hot weather and have a break when it is necessary.

For more comfort, you will also need to make sure you chose the good one: mountain bike or town bike, it has to be in good condition and fits you well!

Hybrid bike (« with pedal assistance », in the highway code), can also be a really good solution if you dread the distance of the Canal du midi or ride with best trained people.

For a trip with a partner, you can also choose the tandem bike. If She or He is best trained than you, do not hesitate to pedal slowly and let the other person get tired for you both. It is an « unfair way » of sharing forces and effort.


Thanks to an all-age-solution, it is easy for children to join their parents on their trip:


  •   10 – 12 years old (even younger): they will have their own bike, suitable for their size. To make this journey pleasant for kids, do not forget to have regular breaks to rest and avoid weariness.
  •   Under 10: adopt the « follower » system for those who like to ride as an adult


  •   Secured railers are available (children could even ride in some of them).


  •   For any child under 20kg, you can chose a good-condition child-seat.


For more information and advice, You will find the rental bikes boutiques in every cities alongside the Canal.

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