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Cycling: the friend of seniors!

Publié le : 02/04/2022 16:41:55
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Cycling: the friend of seniors!

Cycling: the friend of seniors!

All the health professionals repeat it: to continue a physical activity when you become senior is essential to maintain good health!

In addition to its benefits on physical and mental health, we have other arguments to convince you; cycling is the ideal sport for you, we explain why!

Finally, time to take time out!

After years of chasing time for your professional obligations, you finally have the opportunity to quietly enjoy all that life has to offer, and in particular, all the beautiful bike rides that our country has to offer!
In France, there are nearly 20,000 kilometers of developed itineraries, in the mountains, along the coast, through the vineyards... enough to give free rein to your desire for gentle roaming!

A practice accessible to the greatest number...

Cycling is well known for that : it is a widely accessible practice.

There are as many bicycles as there are uses: whether it's for your daily errands or commute, for family or solo rides, or to take on sporting challenges alone or with friends; everything is possible!

Among seniors, the most commonly used type of bicycle is the Electrically Assisted Bicycle (EAB).

This model combines all the advantages of a bicycle while limiting its disadvantages; less difficulty on the slopes, more comfortable position, more speed in travel; in short, a tenfold motivation!

... and adaptable to your own pace!

So, it's decided? You want to get on your bike?

Whether you're going on a tour of France, or for more local adventures, there are bound to be several itineraries to satisfy your desire for cycling adventures!

You can find many suggestions for cycling itineraries on our website Paulette.bikeor on the website of France Vélo Tourisme

Stay tuned for new adventures with Paulette!

Find us and share your memories on Facebook and Instagram with #paulettebike. Don't forget to mention us: @paulettebike !

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