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Cycling getaway from Bordeaux: Head for the ocean at Lacanau !

Publié le : 11/02/2023 16:30:34
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Cycling getaway from Bordeaux: Head for the ocean at Lacanau !

Cycling to the beach from Bordeaux city centre is possible and safe with the departmental cycle path built in 1980 by the Conseil Général on the site of a old railway line. Let's go for around 5 hours of cycling to the ocean! 

Thanks to our reduced rates, you can enjoy a biking adventure to start your weekend at the ocean! From our Bordeaux bike hire agency, located at 13 Rue Villedieu, ride to the north of the city and admire the beauty of the centre of Bordeaux, in particular the Place de la Bourse and its water mirror.

Points of Interest not to be missed :



  • Marais de Bruges National Nature Reserve

When you leave Bordeaux, you'll come across the Marais de Bruges national nature reserve. This 265-hectare area is one of the last remaining examples of the landscape that existed on the outskirts of Bordeaux 50 years ago. The diversity of biotopes - wet meadows, hedged farmland and ponds - is home to a wealth of flora and fauna (over 3,500 species). In particular, it is an ideal staging, wintering and nesting area for both migratory and sedentary birdlife. A 2.4 km discovery trail with 3 viewing points takes you through part of the reserve.

  • Salaunes sawmill

On the way, you'll pass by the Salaunes sawmill, a historic site that provides an insight into the region's timber industry. It's certainly well worth stopping off to learn more about the local history.

  • The town of Sainte-Hélène for a lunch break

The town of Sainte-Hélène is an ideal place to take a break and recharge your batteries. There are local restaurants where you can enjoy traditional French cuisine and relax.

  • The Lacanau lake

Before reaching the ocean, you'll come to the Lacanau lake, a peaceful place to enjoy the view and perhaps even take a refreshing break.

  • Arriving at the ocean

Finally, after around 70 kilometres of cycling, you'll reach the ocean at Lacanau. Take advantage of its fine sandy beaches, ideal for relaxing, swimming, surfing or simply enjoying the seaside.

Here are some useful addresses for organising your cycling adventure :

And of course Paulette to book your bikes!

Get your helmet ready, hop on your bike and set off on this memorable getaway, combining the beauty of Bordeaux, the nature of the marshes, and the splendour of the ocean at Lacanau. An unforgettable experience awaits you!

Stay tuned for new adventures with Paulette!

Check us out and share your memories on Facebook and Instagram with the #paulettebike. Do not forget to tag us: @paulettebike!

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