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The cyclist starter pack

Publié le : 01/14/2021 14:38:40
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The cyclist starter pack

Okay, let us guess. You are going on a brand-new adventure tomorrow and you are in front of your dressing, asking yourself what on earth are you going to put in your bicycle bags? Well, you have come you have come to the right place: we have prepared a list of everything you need to take for a few days on your bike. Paulette presents you: the cyclist starter pack.

This starter pack has been designed for trips scheduled for late spring or summer in France or countries with similar weather, but it is still a good base if you ever plan to pedal in winter (We are with you!).

To make it easier for you, we have summarized everything we are going to tell you in a PDF document you can print and that will serve as a follow-up in the preparation of your trip.


Our best tips:


1. You will obviously be limited in terms of space and weight, so it is essential to differentiate the necessary from the superfluous.

2. Organize and store your belongings in zipper bags or kits. The goal is to avoid letting your belongings wander or losing them and optimize storage.

3. When you put your belongings on your saddlebags, put first (at the bottom) the heavy things you will use little of. Make available what you will often need and what must be available quickly, such as the pharmacy kit.

4. Remember to always have water accessible, food (cereal bars, dried fruit or biscuits) a mask and hand sanitizer (as long as Covid-19 is still around), a pair of sunglasses, your wallet, your lock (and the keys).


The list:


The bike equipment’s’:

  • A bike that is revised and equipped properly, with saddlebags, so you do not have to carry your belongings on your back. For those who camp on the road, we recommend a luggage trailer. The tent can be heavy.
  • An express bike repair kit including chain lubricant, an inner tube, 2 tire changers, a bicycle pump and a multitool. With this, no risk!
  • An anti-theft device, if it has keys, it is better not to forget them!
  • For your safety: a helmet, signal strips or a yellow vest if you plan to pedal in the dark.
  • To guide you: a map, a GPS or a smartphone with an appropriate application.



Plan your outfits according to the number of travel days and the weather. But remember that you can handwash your clothes with Marseille soap at the end of the day and let them dry at night, especially in summer.

In any case, we advise you to take cycling bright colors outfits. You will be easier to see for road users.

Here is the list of clothes to take:

  • Comfortable socks and underwear, to be taken in sufficient quantity.
  • A raincoat, for rainy days: some areas are unpredictable in terms of weather.
  • A sweater for cool summer evenings, that can even be used as a pillow for campers.
  • A pair of sunglasses.
  • For the city: a pair of flip flops or city shoes, your outfits.
  • For the night: pajamas, earplugs (not essential but always pleasant when neighbors are noisy).
  • A bathing suit for summer.
  • Cycling gear: trainer shoes, sport clothing adapting to cycling (use cycling shorts to avoid friction and breathable fabrics) and gloves, to avoid blisters.



  • A microfiber towel.
  • Marseille or Alep soap and shampoo.
  • A toothbrush and toothpaste.
  • Deodorant.
  • Your essentials: facial cleanser, moisturizer, shaving foam, razor, hairbrush, scrunchies, sanitary pads, etc.
  • Toilet paper and tissues.

Did you know? Nowadays, it is possible to find any kind of beauty and hygiene product in a solid form: soap of course, but also deodorant, shampoo, toothpaste. They are just as efficient as their liquid counterparts and much more convenient to carry. So? Will you succumb to the temptation?


Pharmacy kit:

Again, you do not have to overload your bike. Depending on your itinerary, you will certainly easily find a pharmacy on your way. However, it is essential to equip yourself with sunscreen and renew the application regularly in case of prolonged sun exposure. Do not forget to put some on your face! You can even find sunscreens specially designed for your face.

Here is the list of things to put in your kit:

  • Sunscreen and after-sun milk (like Biafine or Osmo soft) in case of sunburn.
  • Basic and blisters bandages.
  • Disinfectant compresses and tweezers.
  • A survival blanket, to warm you up if you are cold or to insulate your tent from the cold, or the ground.
  • Mosquitoes products: repellent and pimple cream.
  • Painkillers.
  • Your specific prescriptions.


To eat:

Do not overload yourself with too much food. If you follow a marked and frequented route, you will find everything you need to eat. Buy what you need before arriving at your destination or on site if you are not too late. However, we advise you to have a minimum of food, in case, by misfortune, you do not find anything or if shops are closed, i.e., pasta.

During the day, you will make a lot of effort, and sometimes pedal in full sun. So, you need energy: think about carrying cereal bars and biscuits. There are also mixtures of dried fruits and oilseeds that will reboot you in the blink of an eye!

Also, remember to stay hydrated throughout the day. Most of the marked routes have water points all along, which will allow you to fill your bottles. However, we advise you to have 1 to 2 liters of water with you.


If you camp:

  • A bowl, a fork, a knife, and a mug.
  • An Opinel knife or a Swiss knife.
  • A lighter, a gas cylinder and a stove (opt for a system that screws and unscrews, so it will take less space in bags.
  • A cloth, a sponge and dishwashing liquid. Again, you can find dishwashing liquid in solid form.
  • A tent, a sleeping bag, a mattress, and a pillow.
  • A flashlight or a headlamp.



Do not forget your phone charger, or an external battery. Something to charge your GPS too. You can also take a camera to capture your journey. In the same logic, why not take a notebook and a pen. Finally, we advise you to take a small day backpack for your excursions in the different cities.

Important: do not forget to take your ID, your credit card and some change.


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