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Enigm'a vélo: discover the secret of Paulette's family

Publié le : 06/02/2021 14:51:46
Catégories : Toulouse by bike

Enigm'a vélo: discover the secret of Paulette's family

At the beginning of May 2021, in collaboration with Granhota Games, we launched the very first urban bicycle game in Toulouse!

Your mission: find a thousand-year-old invention that revolutionized the world, a well-kept secret of Paulette's family, the last heir. Her grandfather, the last to know it, has taken all precautions to protect this coveted secret. He scattered in the city of Toulouse a set of clues to solve the riddles that will lead to the discovery of the code of the chest containing the secret.

During this 9-kilometer-long route, you will walk through the streets of the Pink City and discover the heritage of Toulouse in a playful way. The riddles will lead you to the 4 corners of the city, in various emblematic places whose history you will learn.

How about it? Are you ready for this adventure? We provide the kits and the bikes; all you have to do is book your time here

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