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Eveything about electric bikes

Publié le : 01/23/2020 15:58:42
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Eveything about electric bikes

The possibilities with an electric bike are endless, you can go further, embark on more difficult paths, with more weight. The electric bike also has a real fun side for those who have never tried it. It also makes it possible to homogenize the groups. Are you going with your family, with the family athlete? No problem, with the electric bike, everyone chooses their level of assistance and everyone can follow each other.


First of all, what is an electrically assisted bicycle (e-bike)?

It is a bicycle with assistance that comes with pedaling. It is above all a bicycle, if you do not pedal, it will not advance! The assistance is measured by the level chosen and the effort provided. Ainis, each cyclist defines his own use. And beware of the pretense, you can have a very sporty use of an electric bike, it's not the pretend bike!


What type of electric bike to choose?

There are as many electric bikes as there are types of muscle bikes (so-called “classic” bikes).

To quote the most classic:

       City bike with electric assistance



       Road bike with electric assistance

It all depends on its use and the route taken. To go from your work to your home if you live in Paris, an ATV will not be of much use. Conversely, you will have a little trouble climbing a pass in the Pyrenees with a city bike.


What kind of assistance?

There are two types of assistance on pedelecs. The "all or nothing" help which only detects pedaling and offers you a level of assistance according to the level of assistance selected. And the "proportional" help which detects the pedaling force and adapts the level of assistance. This is the type of assistance that will give you a feeling closest to the muscular bike. At Paulette, this is the only system we will offer you.


What autonomy for an electric bike?

There are different levels of autonomy and therefore of battery capacity. These range from 8Ah to 17Ah. At Paulette our bikes have batteries of 14.5 Ah allowing to go 100km without worries with an electric assistance at 3/5.

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