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How many days does it take to cycle the Velodyssée?

Publié le : 06/04/2021 18:06:22
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How many days does it take to cycle the Velodyssée?

Did you know that the Velodyssey is the longest bicycle route in France? From Roscoff to Hendaye, you can have a great time along these 1 200 kilometers!

It all depends on your pace, your desires, and your adventure partners, but also on the distance you plan to cover, your time constraints, your cycling habits, the type of bikes you have and much more. No need to panic! Here are our best tips!


Parameters to take into account

The route is full of villages and seaside resorts rich in history, giving you the opportunity to trade in your bikes for a pair of sneakers or a surfboard, discovering the territories crossed by the trails. You will also find on your way, emblematic cities not to be missed: Nantes, La Rochelle, Rochefort, Royan, Bordeaux ... From the mainland, you will have the opportunity to reach the islands of Ré, Noirmoutier, Oléron and Yeu, for a day getaway (or more).

The length of your trip will be determined by your initial project: will you try the 1,200 kilometers and reach Hendaye from Roscoff? Or do you want to escape along the Atlantic coast for a few days only?

Also, your time constraints will condition your trip. Once again, the electric bike will be a great asset: you will be able to cover longer distances and reach points of interest more quickly and not miss anything.

The presence of children will impact your progress and your organization. Your stages will obviously be shorter, which is very easy to arrange on this route. Find our advice for a successful trip with children, right here! For people with a slower pace, we suggest electric bikes, which will allow them to follow the pace with a minimum of effort.

Finally, the tracks of the Vélodyssée are passable and very well maintained. You will not have to deal with bumpy dirt roads that slow down your progress. Thus, as far as bicycles are concerned, a VTC is quite suitable. Moreover, you will be comfortable, unlike other types of bikes. Even better, why not opt for an electrically assisted bike: it will allow you to ride longer distances and enjoy the scenery, without worrying about the effort.


What is up? How many days?

As you can see, La Vélodyssée is à la carte! There are not really any usual stages on this itinerary. The question to ask yourself is: with my imperatives and constraints taken into account, how many kilometers can I ride per day?

We have good news for you: with a normal physical condition, you can easily cover 40 kilometers per day at a speed of 15 km/h. This leaves you time to make a few stops and admire the landscapes of the Atlantic coast! Thus, families will be able to cover 20 to 50 kilometers per day, compared to 60 to 80 for the more experienced itinerants. The number of days needed is therefore based on the number of kilometers!

You can find our suggested itineraries on the Vélodyssée trails by clicking here and the stages of the Vélodyssée by clicking here. Do not wait any longer and go and meet the local populations and their history, visit the emblematic places of the crossed regions, and live the most beautiful micro-adventures!

You want to organize a trip on the Vélodyssée's tracks? Do not hesitate to call us at 02 28 49 52 28. We would be delighted to discuss it with you!


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