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Hybrid or mountain bike? Which one to choose?

Publié le : 05/20/2021 10:40:33
Catégories : Choose and maintain your bike , Organise your cycling trip

Hybrid or mountain bike? Which one to choose?

The question often comes up! What type of bike should I get? A mountain bike or a hybrid bike? We give you below some indications to figure out which will be the most adapted for your practice.


The mountain bike, for a more sportive practice in more complicated terrain

As its name indicates, the mountain bike will allow you to go off the tracks. It will allow you to ride on all types of grounds. It will be your ally for a ride in the forest, on muddy dirt roads or in the rain. The mountain bike has a reinforced frame to withstand shocks and studded tires to ensure a good grip on the road. The position on the mountain bike is a sportier one.


The hybrid bike, for more comfort on traced paths

The hybrid bike, less known than the mountain bike, is a bike that will allow you to ride on relatively simple terrain: paved road, towpath, greenway... It has a better performance than the mountain bike on this type of road because the wheels are larger, the tires thinner and the bike lighter. The practice of the hybrid bike is more comfortable on a hybrid bike than on a mountain bike.


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