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Is cycling with your dog possible?

Publié le : 07/12/2021 17:40:28
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Is cycling with your dog possible?

Cycling with your dog is now common practice. It is quite possible to ride a bike with your pet, whether in an urban or even a rural area.

Nevertheless, this practice requires good organisation and the use of specific, quality equipment to make the moment pleasant for the dog and its master.

Choosing the right equipment:

To ride a bike with your dog, it is necessary to use equipment that is the right size for the animal, so as to ensure safety and comfort for both you and your dog.

Today, there is a wide range of equipment available to help you find a balance between your needs and your desires.

The basket for small dogs:

If you have a small dog, the baskets, easily adaptable on handlebars or luggage racks, are ideal. These accessories can usually carry up to 12 kilos.

Your pet can easily sit on the back of the bike.

Pet trailer for large dogs:

For larger dogs or those who have difficulty moving around, the bike trailer is probably the essential accessory for easy transport.

This is fitted to the bike, with a system that adjusts to the rear wheel.

Very practical, this system is suitable for almost all breeds. You simply have to choose the model according to the size and weight of the dog. Some trailers can carry between 20 and 40 kilos.

The child trailer for more comfort:

For large dogs, needing space, the child trailer is an accessory that can be adapted to accommodate a dog.

This trailer, initially designed for two children, is large enough to store your dog and small luggage if you are travelling a long way.

However, be careful not to overload the trailer so as not to put too much strain on the wheels.

You can fit the trailer with blankets to make it more comfortable.

To save space, don't hesitate to remove the backrests and belts.

The bicycle leash for large and medium-sized dogs:

For young, energetic dogs, bike leashes are perfect.

The bike leash is attached to the front of the bike and allows the owner and dog to enjoy the ride.

Adapting your trip to your dog:

Whether for the cyclist or the dog, regular breaks are important.

The bike and its trailer are heavy for the master. Listen to your body; the weight of the dog, the trailer and the equipment must be taken into consideration.

The dog needs to be exercised and can't stand days without a ride. Organise walks in rural areas or have the animal run alongside the bike (between 6 and 15 km/h maximum depending on its morphology and endurance).

When it comes to distance, listen to and respect its needs.

If you are making a long journey, start by making decent stages (about 40km maximum per day by bike). This will probably make the trip more enjoyable for both parties.

Some tips for travelling with a dog:

  • Your dog should be well trained and able to obey certain commands
  • Prefer a mountain bike, which will be more robust than a mountain bike for pulling a heavy load.
  • Bring specific equipment: foldable bowl, waterproof bag, leash, paw pads
  • If you are travelling abroad, take your pet's passport with you and get vaccinations depending on the country

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