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Publié le : 11/02/2022 18:22:08
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The city of Nantes is located at the confluence of several cycling itineraries; the Loire à Vélo, the Canal de Nantes à Brest, and the famous Vélodyssée.

Thanks to our Paulette bike rental agency, located at 20 Boulevard de Berlin next to the Nantes train station, you have the opportunity to pedal on a few kilometers of these unmissable routes! The advantage of renting a bike near the train station is that you can take the train with your bikes and see more for your day trips!

Paulette gives you some ideas of escapades from our bike rental agency, they will make you (re)discover the Pays de La Loire !

The lock of Vertou

Family getaway accessible to all, discover the lock of Vertou located at hardly 1 hour by bike from the city center of Nantes!

Take the Sèvre Nantaise River to reach the lock and enjoy the bucolic atmosphere of the Sèvres banks along your bike ride. The Sèvre Nantaise continues to the town of Clisson, if you feel like it, you can continue pedaling to this point to explore the villages along the route!

A portion of the Canal de Nantes à Brest

If you want to venture on a more sportive cycling adventure, you can choose to ride the beginning of the famous Canal de Nantes à Brest to Redon! This is a one-day trip for the more adventurous, with a return trip by TER, where you can take your bikes for free. It's a 70 kilometers ride, so don't hesitate to make a stop on the way. If you're even more comfortable on a bike, go for the bike adventure to Brest!

Saint Nazaire

Escape on the Loire à Vélo by reaching the city of Saint Nazaire. Pedal along the South Bank of the Loire River to cross the villages of Trentemoult and Paimboeuf. All along your ride in the sea air, you will be able to contemplate splendid artistic works. The stage is a bit long so don't hesitate to choose an electric bike for this bike ride.


The Loire à Vélo cycle route takes you straight to the city of Angers in about 100 kilometers. For the day, you can choose to pedal to Ancenis and enjoy a rural bike ride. For the lunch break, you can stop and drop off your bikes in the town of Oudon, where you can take the opportunity to visit the castle.

Check out our itineraries here !.

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