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Organising a company seminar by bike

Publié le : 02/17/2022 18:16:32
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Organising a company seminar by bike

Organising a company seminar by bike

You are in charge of events in your company and you are looking to organise an event that brings some of your employees together outside the company premises to reinforce your corporate culture? But you don't know what kind of event to organise, and how to make sure that all participants have a good time?

Have you thought about renting bikes? Everyone knows how to do it and even 20 years later you can't forget it! Renting bikes for a day or half a day allows you personally to get away from the company premises and do something that is easy to organise but fun and appropriate for a group of people.

Here are some examples of activities depending on the city in which you would like to organise this outing:

Toulouse :

In Toulouse, you can re(discover) the city by bike thanks to its numerous cycle tracks. This ride also allows you to stop in a café, a restaurant, or even on the banks of the Garonne to chat together over a drink or a meal to discover, for example, the regional specialities at any time and easily. A good friendly moment!

You can also opt for a quiet ride along the Canal du Midi thanks to our bike rental agency located in the immediate vicinity of the canal, allowing you to reach it as soon as you have your bikes. You can decide to go as far as Montgiscard and then come back, or you can choose to go further and return by train via the various stations on the canal. This is an opportunity to learn more about the work of Pierre-Paul Riquet and even to stop at one of the restaurants along the canal to taste local produce! The towpaths from Toulouse are well maintained, so there are no accessibility problems. And if some people in the group are not in the same physical condition, we have both classic and electric bikes available at the agency so that everyone can participate and enjoy the day.

If you want to stay in Toulouse and discover or rediscover the city in an original way, we suggest you go on a bike treasure hunt! In collaboration with Granhota, a specialist in life-size treasure hunts in Toulouse, we have created a treasure hunt. Your mission: discover the secret left by Paulette's grandfather! With your game kit, you will have to cycle around the city to collect clues scattered around the essential sites and then return to your starting point to try to open the chest that contains the secret you are looking for! An ideal ten-kilometre route that will allow those who have just arrived in the city to discover it, but also allow Toulousans to learn more about the history of the pink city and to pedal through previously unknown streets! This is a collaborative game in which you will have to communicate and share your ideas to find the solution together. It is the game of cohesion par excellence!

The game is designed to be completed in about 2 hours. We advise you to allow a little more time, including the handing over of the material and the explanation of the rules of the game. You could also opt for a short bike ride along the canal for half a day, have a good meal in one of the many restaurants in the city and then do a treasure hunt in the afternoon.


If you have a limited amount of time, we recommend that you opt for a tour of the city. You can either choose to do a tour of the Ile de Nantes or the Voyage à Nantes itinerary.

Escape from the hustle and bustle of Nantes city centre by (re)discovering the banks of the Loire by bike. The loop is fairly short, at around ten kilometres, so you can stop whenever you like to admire the different landscapes as they pass by!

If you still have some energy left, don't hesitate to visit the Machines de l'île!

The green line of the Voyage à Nantes is a loop of about twenty kilometres. Between gardens, cathedrals, urban landscapes, works of art, you will be able to admire all the must-sees of the City of Nantes! Click here to find out more in pictures!

Discover the estuary! A final, slightly longer loop that you can discover along the water. You will witness a parade of landscapes that mix art and bikes!

If you have more time, we advise you to cycle to the Lac de Grand-Lieu, located in Bouaye. This itinerary is not a loop, so there are several options available to you: Either you decide to do the outward journey as well as the return journey by bike, or you can do only one of the two, using the train on the other part of the route. Take the time to visit La maison du Lac de Grand-Lieu and the Maison Guerlain; the result is a sumptuous panorama of the lake!


If you want to stay in Paris itself, the first itinerary that will take you to the capital's iconic places is along the Seine. Start at the Place de l'Alma and cycle along the banks of the Seine, taking in the sights: A nice way to take the time to discover Paris!

You can also choose to take your colleagues on a tour of the Left Bank: pedal from the Bois de Vincennes to the Bois de Boulogne along the southern part of Paris. On the programme: the emblematic districts of Paris, the Jardin du Luxembourg, famous cafés, the Esplanade des Invalides... Go here for more information!

Would you like to show your teams around Paris? Start your walk at the foot of the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral and take them through the beautiful streets of the capital. This is an opportunity for all your employees to take the time to admire the monuments it has to offer!

Afterwards, you can continue your walk by taking the "coulée verte", which will take you along quieter and completely safe paths! Don't hesitate to take a short break at the Domaine Départemental de Sceaux.

If your schedule allows it, you can even continue your ride to the famous Château de Versailles by taking the Véloscénie!


Book a wine tasting and take your team there by bike! From Bordeaux, it is possible to visit a part of the Bordeaux vineyards by discovering the entre-deux-mers. Start your adventure from our bike rental agency and cycle to the Bordeaux vineyards. Don't hesitate to book a wine tasting in one of the chateaux along the way!

If you want to show your employees the city of Bordeaux, there's nothing better than getting on a bike to ride along the quays! By cycling along the Garonne, you will have the opportunity to show them the different districts of the city. From the 18th century facades to the contemporary atmosphere of Darwin, and passing by the Botanical Garden, you will offer your teams a summary of the unmissable sights of Bordeaux!

Head for the ocean! A greenway links Bordeaux to Lacanau in just 60 kilometres! Why not take your teams to the ocean along a lovely shady route through the pine trees. You can also return by train!


Starting from our bike rental agency in Narbonne, a lovely 67 kilometre loop will take you through the Narbonnaise Regional Nature Park. On the menu: biodiversity, typical villages, magnificent panoramas, enough to give your teams a feeling of disorientation!

Still in the Narbonnaise Regional Nature Park, we advise you to walk around the Gruissan pond. You will have the opportunity to observe numerous species of birds as well as marvellous panoramas on Gruissan and the Tour Barberousse.


Take advantage of your seminar in Béziers to rent a bicycle and discover one of the most visited sites in the region: the 9 locks of Fonséranes! A 27-kilometre route that will take you through a spectacular site!

On the spot, take advantage of the opportunity to go on a treasure hunt, thanks to the kits provided by La Maison du Site "Le Coche d'Eau".


Ride along the seafront as a team thanks to the bike hire service for your company! Starting from Sète, just after the Port des Quilles, a long and wide seafront promenade is waiting for you. Continue along the "Voie Verte du Lido" and in a few pedal strokes you will reach the pretty town of Marseillan and its rich historical heritage!

If you want to continue your bike ride, or plan your next company bike ride, you can head for La Pointe des Onglous, where you will find the Etang de Thau. This 60 kilometre loop allows you to cycle between the lagoon and the pond, admiring the beautiful colours of the pond and the oyster beds that adorn the landscape.

Stay tuned for more adventures with Paulette!

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