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Paulette’s tips: The Canal de Nantes à Brest

Publié le : 04/20/2021 08:54:22
Catégories : The Nantes to Brest Canal by bike

Paulette’s tips: The Canal de Nantes à Brest

Paulette will meet you in Brittany for new adventures! And as always, we will not fail to give you our recommendations for an unforgettable adventure!



Because to pedal well, you need to sleep well, here is our selection of accommodation along your route!

Nantes - Maison du Monde Hôtel et Suites

All the comfort and modernity in the city center for your visit of the city of the Dukes! What more could you ask for?

Blain - La Toue de Blain

Spend the night in a "toue cabanée", a typical fishing boat of the Loire region, near the castle of La Groulais. An unusual experience!

Redon - La Riaudaie

Only 3 kilometers away from the center of Redon, you will be seduced by the natural beauty of the site and its peaceful environment. The breakfast is homemade, and you can even enjoy the swimming pool after a day of pedaling!

Josselin - Holiday Home in Brambuan

A warm welcome and an idyllic setting, all ideally located near Josselin and the Canal de Nantes à Brest.

Pontivy – Hôtel du Château

Located in the city center of Pontivy, the hotel offers you, from its modern rooms, a view on the Rohan castle and the Nantes-Brest canal.

Plouguernével (Rostrenen) – Hof Mellon 

The ideal opportunity to take a break at the farm. Enjoy the garden, the terrace, and the barbecue!

Carhaix-Plouger - Manoir de Kerlédan

This charming country house welcomes you for a relaxing moment. The manor is surrounded by beautiful gardens. Massages are offered.

Châteaulin - La Pointe Camping

At only 2 kilometers from the center of Châteaulin, you will spend the night in a quiet place, in charming small wooden bungalows with all comfort!

Brest - Saint-Louis Hotel

A modern decoration and a family spirit, all in the heart of downtown! What can I say? The perfect mix for your stay in Brest!



It is now a question of eating well to be able to pedal even better! Here are our good addresses!

Nantes - République Côté Jardin

In the heart of the island of Nantes, (re)discover traditional French cuisine in an idyllic setting!

Blain - Auberge de la Forêt

On the edge of the Gâvre Forest, enjoy seasonal cuisine. Enjoy the delicacy and the perfect cooking of the dishes.

Redon - Crêperie L'Akène

Located in a small street in the port district, this is certainly the best creperie in the area! A must-see!

Josselin - La Table d'O

On a terrace suspended above the castle and the valley, you can taste a cuisine made from market products, inspired by the land-sea symbiosis.

Pontivy - L'Aiglon

Make your taste buds rejoice with a refined and delicious cuisine! Top address!

Rostrenen - Le Bistrot Qui Coz

A simple, home-made cuisine made from local and fresh products. A paradise for the taste buds (and the gourmets)!

Carhaix-Plouger - Crêperie Le Salines

This is the place where we serve tasty crepes made with organic and Breton flour!

Châteaulin - Les Cocottes

Fresh products cooked to perfection! Very good address.

Brest - Ripailles 

With their exquisite and inventive flavors, the dishes pay a successful tribute to the region. You will also receive good advice on food and wine pairing.



Here are the top 10 points of interest along the Nantes-Brest Canal, to make sure you do not miss anything!


The visit of the city of the Dukes is inevitable! Do not miss anything and follow the green line on the ground, by foot or by bike (even better)! This line will guide you through Nantes to discover the city's must-sees: the Ile de Nantes, the Loire River quays, the Dukes' castle, the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul cathedral... It will also delight contemporary art lovers! Do not forget to taste the culinary specialties of the Nantes region: the Nantes curé and the petit beurre among the most famous!

The Castle of Groulais - Blain

Medieval fortress founded by Duke Alain Fergent in 1104, it was part of the defenses of the Franco-Breton border with the castles of Châteaubriant and Clisson, among others. It was then enlarged in the 13th century by Olivier V de Clisson, then became the property of the Rohan, a famous Breton family. It will be redesigned in a renaissance style in the 16th century. Today, it is possible to visit the castle, which also hosts animations, exhibitions and shows.


The city is nicknamed "the Venice of the West" because it has so many bridges and canals that you do not know which river runs through it! Redon is the point of entry of three rivers - the Vilaine, the Nantes-Brest Canal and the Oust - thus recovering one third of the water of Brittany! It is very pleasant to walk in the streets of the city: it has preserved its old half-timbered or sandstone houses, its shipowners' houses on the Duguay-Trouin quay and its locks are flowered, giving a certain charm to the whole. Finally, do not miss a visit to the Saint-Sauveur church to admire its curiosities...


Malestroit is a very charming village which is worth a visit! Nicknamed "the pearl of the Oust", the flowered city has kept its 15th and 17th century houses, with their sculpted gargoyles. Do not forget to visit the Place du Bouffay!

The Josselin fortress

Overlooking the Canal de Nantes à Brest, the castle has been owned by the Rohan family for more than a thousand years! It is however possible to visit it. On the river side, you can admire its impressive medieval architecture, on the city side, its sculpted granite facade, in the Breton Renaissance Gothic style, as well as a French garden and a rose garden.

The Rohan Castle - Pontivy

This is the castle of the famous Breton family from the French nobility, the Rohan. Built between the 15th and 16th century, it has a typical Breton military architecture and is one of the last castles in Brittany. It is also the place of the aborted declaration of independence of Brittany.

The Lake of Guerlédan

A stop at the largest lake in Brittany is unavoidable! 12 kilometers long, it is surrounded by greenery and forest. It is the ideal place to refresh yourself and to rest. You can even cycle around the lake (40 kilometers)!

The Forges of Salles

The Forges de Salles are an old ironworks in France. Founded in 1623 and closed in 1877, they are the oldest in Brittany. The site is open to visitors. You can see, among other things, the blacksmiths' lodgings, the outbuildings, and the staircase gardens.

The Chapel of Notre-Dame-des-Portes - Châteauneuf-du-Faou

It overlooks the green valley and the old Roman road, offering you a magnificent panorama of the Aulne. Inside, you will find an oak statue of the crowned virgin Notre-Dame-des-Portes. The porch of the chapel is decorated with statuettes, animals, and vine leaves.

The parish enclosure - Pleyben

Considered sacred by the Bretons, it is without doubt one of the most beautiful and complete in Brittany! Dating from the 16th and 17th centuries, it is made up of five inseparable elements: the monumental entrance, the calvary, the ossuary, the church, and the surrounding wall.


The city of Brest remains very marked by its maritime past. Thus, there is a naval base, the national museum of the Navy and a retrospective of the naval adventure of Brest in the castle.


Stay tuned for new adventures with Paulette!

Check us out and share your memories on Facebook and Instagram with the #paulettebike. Do not forget to tag us: @paulettebike!

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