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The equipment needed to cycle along the Canal Latéral à la Garonne

Publié le : 09/22/2021 15:14:57
Catégories : Organise your cycling trip

The equipment needed to cycle along the Canal Latéral à la Garonne



Have you decided to venture out on the canal from Bordeaux to Toulouse? We offer you a selection of equipment to take with you for a stay of several days. It is up to you to adapt it according to your needs, your desires and the different places where you have decided to spend the night. We recommend that you cover the 268 kilometres of the canal in 5 days. (You can find our itinerary here) This is an easily accessible and pleasant route thanks to the Roger Lapébie trail, which you will use for many kilometres.



What you need: a bike in good condition

  • A bike that has been serviced (see our article on servicing your bike here) and that is equipped in accordance with current standards (horn, position lights and reflectors). Find all the regulations here)
  • A repair kit containing at least an inner tube, a pump and tyre levers. You can add lubricant for the chain and a multitool. (To be adapted according to the duration of your trip)
  • A water bottle holder on your bike if you have a water bottle and want to hydrate while cycling.
  • One or more locks to avoid any misfortune
  • A helmet in good condition


To make it easier to organise

  • Use transparent bags to quickly store and find your belongings and thus optimise your storage, which will allow you to keep water, food, locks and your wallet within easy reach.
  • If you can, take waterproof panniers to cope with the sometimes capricious weather conditions.
  • If you're orienting yourself with your phone, you may want to get a special holder. (If you do this, make sure it's a sturdy and reliable holder)
  • There are front panniers with a transparent pocket to hold a road map in view, which is still protected from the rain.
  • Tensioners to fix your stuff on the luggage rack and relieve your back.
  • A road map, a GPS, a telephone and its charger.



You should plan your clothing according to the number of days and the weather conditions. In any case, you should wear :

  • Quality socks to avoid overheating in the shoes and a burning sensation
  • Comfortable sportswear (breathable and suitable fabrics)
  • Rain gear (waterproof trousers and jacket)
  • A windbreaker
  • Gloves to avoid blisters
  • A neck warmer and a hat to put under the helmet in winter
  • Sunglasses

Toiletries and first aid kit

It should be adapted according to the length of the journey, the season and the place where you spend the night. If you are staying in a B&B, towels will be provided, but you will need to bring your own if you are staying at a campsite. However, you can take your everyday hygiene products with you and transfer the products you need into containers adapted to the number of days of travel to save storage space. As far as the emergency kit is concerned, you can at least take with you bandages, paracetamol and sun cream for example.

You will find inns, restaurants and supermarkets nearby for food and drink. If you decide to take all your meals with you, remember to take containers and cutlery, as well as a stove and everything else you need...

However, make sure that you have a secure bike room for each night you sleep, where you can leave your bikes.


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