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The Loire à vélo, pedal along a river full of history

Publié le : 01/21/2021 10:40:14
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The Loire à vélo, pedal along a river full of history

We told you! In 2021, Paulette explores new and faraway lands! And today, we present you the Loire à vélo: 900 km of route, 2 regions and 6 departments. From Nevers to Saint-Nazaire, the first arranged, marked, and secured bike route of France, makes you discover the richness of the French heritage along the Loire to the Brittany beaches of the Atlantic.


Did you know it?

The Loire à vélo is only a little part of an (even longer) bike route, the Atlantic - Black Sea - Eurovelo 6, crossing 10 European countries: France, Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Bulgaria.


If you want to get an idea of what awaits you, here is a map of the route:



Discover the richness of the Loire heritage

The Loire à vélo is one of the most beautiful bike routes in France. And for a good reason! A part of the Loire Valley was classified in 2000 as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Almost a hundred castles are listed on the banks of the Loire: Chenonceau, Chambord, Amboise among the most famous.  Do not forget to plan time to visit them and the surrounding towns.

The choice of the bicycle as a mode of transport gives you the opportunity to marvel at the spectacle of nature, in front of the diversity of the Loire landscapes. For those who are eager to discover the region, the itinerary is strewn with vineyards and tourist cellars. It is the perfect opportunity to taste the French way of life and take a break for a visit and tasting, in a reasonable way of course (or you can opt for tandems).



A tailor-made itinerary

The Loire by bike is 900 km at your own pace. Itinerant or for a simple ride.

With 30% on cycle lanes and 70% on small roads with little traffic, the route is accessible to all. Indeed, it is easy to arrange stages of a reasonable distance (20 to 30 km per day) for children (from 7 or 8 years old). The youngest can also take part in the trip, in a trailer or baby carrier. You will thus be able to reconcile the adventure of cycling with the family with visits to the Loire Valley castles, which is more fun for children!

You will find, along the itinerary, train stations that allow you to join the road bike at any place. During the summer, thanks to the operation Train Vélo Loire, you can even board your bike for free.

Moreover, the Loire à vélo has many antennas allowing you to deviate from the main route to reach the castles and also other routes such as the Indre à vélo, the Coeur de France à vélo and Saint-Jacques à vélo.

The Loire itinerary also offers a range of services for a successful trip, including accommodation less than 5 km from the itinerary, certified "Accueil Vélo".

Find all the information you need on the website



So? Have we managed to make you want to go?

Stay tuned for new adventures with Paulette!


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