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Useful tips: facing winter on a bike

Publié le : 01/11/2021 11:36:23
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Useful tips: facing winter on a bike

Here we are! We feared this but we can’t close our eyes to the facts. Temperature is going down, days shortened, winter is coming!

How to cycle without being frozen with this cold? Here are out 5 tips to continue enjoying cycling during winter.


1. Dress accordingly to the weather

It is obviously important to dress warmly when we bike in winter: gloves and hat, remember! Moreover, it is primordial to protect yourself against humidity. Raincoats and over-pants will be your best allies to face the cold season.

Multiplying sub-layers can also help you: you will less feel the cold with an extra sweater, and it will be easier to take it off once arrived.


2. Be visible

During winter, it is a lot darker, so very important for to be seen by other road users. Before each departure, make sure your bike lights work. Also, supply yourself with reflecting armband.


3. Watch the ground state

Beware of snow, rain, ice and fog. If you decide to bike despite the snow, you will need to slightly lower the tire pressure in order to increase the tire’s contact surface. If the ground is slippery, you must anticipate braking.

Remember that your safety must be your first concern. In case of very bad weather and dangerous ground, it is better to leave your bike in the garage rather than take the risk of getting injured.


4. Have you bike revised

The arrival of winter is the perfect time to make a real complete revision of your bike at a specialist.


5. Cover and protect children

If you carry your children in a trailer, remember that if you move and exert yourself while pedaling, they stay static and feel cold more. Dress them warmly and equip them with a helmet and reflective armbands too.


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