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Why is it a good idea to travel alone by bike?

Publié le : 04/01/2022 17:40:38
Catégories : Miscellaneous , Organise your cycling trip

Why is it a good idea to travel alone by bike?

Why is it a good idea to travel alone by bike?

Traveling by bike with friends, family or lovers is great, but why not take on the challenge of a solo adventure? Paulette gives you all the good reasons to take the plunge and start a solo cycling adventure!

Take up a challenge

Yes, it's quite a challenge to go solo, but we guarantee that this adventure will make you grow inside! It is an opportunity to trust yourself by facing your fears. With a little preparation, we are sure that you will surprise yourself by knowing how to adjust your bike and manage the unexpected on your route.

The opportunity to meet new people

We said traveling alone, but nothing prevents you from meeting new people along your bike trip, on the contrary!

The advantage of being alone is that you don't risk having any barriers; in a group or in two people, if a member is less inclined to meet people, to share his trip, it can be a brake to potential meetings along the way. On the other hand, when you are alone, you seem to be more open to others, which, you will see if you take the plunge, often leads to unforgettable moments of meeting and sharing!

Travel in total freedom

The bicycle is already the means of travel that offers you the most flexibility and freedom as regards the organization of your journey. By being alone you bring this notion of freedom to the next level! Your rhythm depends only on you and you alone, you choose your stages according to your own pace, and that, to take full advantage of his trip by bike, it is ideal!

Discover landscapes and nature differently

Another advantage of solo cycling is the autonomy: you can take a break anywhere to enjoy what the landscape has to offer! You will also have the opportunity to discover wild animals that you would not have had the chance to observe on bigger roads!

Getting to know yourself better

This is the same as our first point, since by taking on a challenge, we surpass ourselves and learn a lot about ourselves! On a bike, you will have time to think, to dream, to question yourself, to ask all the questions that go through your head on a daily basis while observing all these landscapes passing under your eyes. An opportunity to put life on pause and to let your thoughts and your desires for walks run free!

So, when are you leaving?

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