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How many days does it take to do the Véloscénie?

Publié le : 09/17/2022 09:35:22
Catégories : Paris by bike

How many days does it take to do the Véloscénie?

Estimate the pace of your journey.

The pace of your cycling adventure along the Véloscénie will depend on several factors, so it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions in order to best anticipate your stopovers and your stay.
Who are you travelling with? Do you all have the same rhythm? Are you accompanied by children?
Do you want to do the whole route or just a part of it?
Are you used to travelling by bike on the road? It is important to bear in mind that as the journey progresses, physical fatigue can build up.
Would you like to make detours along the route to visit certain monuments or villages?
What are the different stages of the route?

There are no real compulsory stages, it really depends on your cruising speed. The recommended duration varies from 4 to 10 days depending on the level of each person. However, in order to simplify your search for accommodation along the Véloscénie, we have divided the route into these different stages;

Paris - Rambouillet (78 kilometres)
During this first stage, you will have the opportunity to contemplate the sumptuous Château de Versailles.

Rambouillet - Chartres (52 kilometres)

Here, be sure to leave the route for a while to see the Château de Maintenon, and, of course, the Cathedral and the entire city of Chartres (where you can take a leisurely ride)!

Chartres - Arcisses (65 kilometres)
Here again, you will cycle through wide open spaces, gardens and castles.

Arcisses - Le Mêle-Sur-Sarthe (76 kilometres)
On this stage, take a lunch break at the Château des Comtes Du Perche, then, at the finish, enjoy the Lake of Mêle-Sur-Sarthe.

Le Mêle-Sur-Sarthe - Bagnole-De-l'Orne (69 kilometres)
This is a fairly hilly stage, so don't hesitate to take a break to visit Alençon.

Bagnoles-De-L'Orne - Mortain (63 kilometres)
After visiting this spa, get on your bikes and ride through the beautiful countryside of Normandy until you arrive in Mortain.

Mortain - Mont-Saint-Michel (67 kilometres)
The Mont and the sea air are just around the corner! Take a break at the Pointe de La Roche Torin to enjoy the splendid view of the Mont.

How long do we recommend?

The classic pace, with stages of about 55 kilometres per day, which is equivalent to riding between 4 and 5 hours, is 8 days.

The "slow" pace is more appropriate if you are cycling with children or if you want to combine your cycling trip with many other activities. This will allow you to do days without cycling to visit the surroundings of the route. You can expect to cycle for just over 10 days at a pace of 35-40km per day, plus your non-bike days.

The "sporty" pace will suit the more experienced cyclists! As this stage is quite hilly, it is quite a challenge; we recommend 4 to 5 days of riding! This corresponds to daily stages of 100 km on average.

For more practical information on the state of the roads between each stage, go to this website, and find a testimonial from cyclists who have already done this route here !

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