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Cycling in hot weather; our advices.

Publié le : 07/15/2022 18:39:38
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Cycling in hot weather; our advices.

Cycling in hot weather; our advices.

Our country is once again facing a nice heat wave, and if you want to be able to maintain your cycling trips or holidays, you need to take some precautions!

Paulette - bike rental, gives you its best advice to avoid heat stroke and to enjoy your cycling adventure, even when temperatures soar!

Go for a cool ride

If your schedule permits, try to organise your stages as much as possible in the morning. This is the time of day when the temperatures are lowest and your body is at its strongest!
Take advantage of the breakfast in your accommodation to get your strength back, and get on your bike to enjoy the brightness and freshness of the morning.
If you really get up at dawn, you can even enjoy the often underestimated sunrise!

Hunt for shade

As you know, the heat is always much more bearable when you can take shelter in the shade. Therefore, study your itinerary in order to use the shadiest parts of the cycle route as much as possible. If some sunny parts are unavoidable, remember to protect yourself well; sun block, cap or hat (or helmet!), light clothing, sunglasses.

Take refreshing breaks

The advantage of cycling is that you can easily stop whenever you want. What's more, you often cycle along small rivers or even the sea! So, as soon as you see the opportunity, strap on your bike and take a break from the water. Just be sure to stay alert to the current!

Make sure you stay hydrated

In the heat, your body will have to fight harder to maintain a bearable temperature. It is very important to make sure you leave with enough water for your outing, but also remember to drink before and after your trip. Be careful not to take water that is too cold, but rather water at room temperature so as not to shock your body with the temperature differences.

Adapt your outings

You may have set yourself a target distance for the coming days. Be careful not to ask too much of your body; when temperatures rise, your body is already working hard to regulate your body temperature.

Finally, due to the risk of fire, some communes do not allow access to all the usual paths; do not hesitate to ask at the nearest Tourist Offices for the latest information on your route. 

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