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The SudOuestàVélo team from Bordeaux to Bayonne : their feedback !

Publié le : 06/14/2024 17:04:56
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The SudOuestàVélo team from Bordeaux to Bayonne : their feedback !

Alexis, Marco and Paul, 3 students at Tech de Co in Bordeaux, have set off on their first cycling trip ! Their challenge : to cycle from Bordeaux to Bayonne ! In this article, they tell us all about their project. 

"On 13 April 2024, the three of us set off on a type of journey that was completely new to us: cycling. We are Alexis, Marco and Paul, 3 students at Tech de Co Bordeaux, all students at the same school, but also friends.

This year we had to create a project in line with the skills we had learned in class (communication and marketing). All three of us have a passion for sport, discovery and travel, so we turned to cycle travel as a good compromise between all our passions.

Firstly, we had to do a lot of preparation work to plan the itineraries, activities and accommodation that would make up our week-long trip. The most important thing to find for this trip was the bikes, our only means of transport. But it was also the only thing that would have made our trip possible. After a bit of research, we turned to 'Paulette Bike', a shop in Bordeaux as well as in Lyon, Paris and even Toulouse that offers this type of trip, i.e. bike hire to get from point A to point B.

When we spoke to the Paulette representatives, we had a great deal of confidence in Paulette as professionals, and also in their equipment, which seemed perfect for this type of expedition. What's more, we became even more aware of the quality of their products, as well as the brilliant concept they offer !

We left Bordeaux on Saturday 13 April, just after collecting our bikes, loading our bags and putting on our helmets. Our first destination was Gujan-Mestras, where we would spend the first night.

During this journey, as on all the journeys of our week, we had planned a few activities to punctuate our days. And this was the case on Saturday with the dog race. So this first day wasn't on cycle paths like the rest of our trip, where we'd used the vélodyssée for most of our travel, but rather on the roads and paths between Bordeaux and Gujan-Mestras, and we immediately noticed that the bike was perfectly resistant and comfortable.

Sunday's stage was the toughest of the trip, with an undulating route between Gujan-Mestras and Parentis, passing through the unmissable Arcachon and Biscarrosse beaches.

In the morning, we tackled the Corniche, a steep climb that was rewarded with a breathtaking view over the basin. Then we climbed the Dune du Pilat.

After a well-earned break at the top to admire the exceptional panorama, we set off again towards Biscarrosse-Plage. The cycle path runs along the coast, offering magnificent views of the ocean.

n the late afternoon, we crossed Lac de Maguide, a real haven of peace with its sandy beaches. We enjoyed a refreshing swim
before returning to Parentis for the night.

Throughout this demanding stage, the bikes hired from Paulette Bike proved to be reliable, high-performance companions. The smooth gear change system enabled us to tackle the climbs with ease, while the robust brakes ensured our safety on the descents.

Monday was a quieter day, with a mostly flat route between Parentis and Mimizan. We stopped off at Lac d'Aureilhan to enjoy the peace and quiet and the beautiful scenery.

Back on the Vélodyssée, we passed through some charming Landes villages before arriving in Mimizan, where we stayed in a very pleasant eco-lodge.

The next stage, on Tuesday, was marked by the discovery of the famous Contis lighthouse, which stands proudly on the beach.

The Vélodyssée at this point is particularly pleasant, passing through a shady pine forest and offering lovely views of the ocean. After a few more kilometres, we arrived in Léon, where we were able to savour the satisfaction of having completed half the journey by bike.

After a restful night in the eco-lodge, we got back on our bikes at dawn to continue our journey. The day promised to be quieter than the previous ones, with a relatively flat route, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the scenery. Our first stop of the day was Lit-et-Mixe, a pretty little Landes village. We took the time to relax in the narrow streets and sample a local pastry.
local patisserie - it was great!

The road between Mimizan and Léon is a real invitation to explore. The Vélodyssée took us through a huge pine forest, offering pleasant shade in the sunshine. We made a diversion to visit the Courant d'Huchet, a really nice nature reserve where we were able to see some of the region's birds.

The arrival in Léon was marked by a visit to the Etang de Léon. This large lake surrounded by woodland is the perfect place for a lunch break. We took advantage of the peaceful setting to rest and regain our strength before continuing on our way. The day ended peacefully and we spent the night in a comfortable Airbnb in Léon after a well-deserved aperitif.

On Wednesday, we left Léon and headed for Vieux-Boucau-les-Bains. The journey was fairly short but super pleasant, skirting forest and coastal paths. Halfway along the route, we stopped off at Moliets-et-Maa, where we discovered Moliets beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area, with its fine sand dunes.

Arriving in Vieux-Boucau, we were greeted by the charm of the village. We spent the afternoon exploring the Port d'Albret marine lake, a man-made lagoon surrounded by beaches and pine forests. After a refreshing swim and a game of volleyball won by Paul and Alexis, we enjoyed a dinner of local produce in a small restaurant in the town centre. We spent the night in a comfortable flat by the sea.

On Thursday morning, we set off for Capbreton, a coastal town famous for its port and beaches. The Vélodyssée once again offered us a magnificent route through pine forests and along the dunes.

Our first stop was Soustons, where we visited Lake Soustons. After a short break to admire the view, we continued on to Seignosse, famous for its surf beaches. We were also able to take part in a beach litter pick with the Savelamermaid association, interview one of its presidents and find out what the association does. In Capbreton, we explored the marina, then went to the town's famous pier, where we were able to admire a magnificent sunset.

On our last day, Friday, we left Capbreton and headed for Bayonne, the final leg of our trip. The route took us through a number of charming little towns, including Hossegor, famous for its surf and relaxed atmosphere.

Arriving in Bayonne was a real relief, after 7 days on the road we had finally arrived. We visited Sainte-Marie cathedral, wandered through the lively streets of the old town and sampled local specialities like Bayonne ham and Basque cake.

This cycling trip from Bordeaux to Bayonne was an incredible adventure, full of discoveries and unforgettable moments. The bikes hired from Paulette Bike proved to be perfect partners for the road, robust and comfortable, allowing us to make the most of every stage of our journey. Don't hesitate to check out the summary of our adventure on our Instagram account, @sudouestavelo, where we also tell you more about paulettebike and Savelamermaid.

We look forward to accompanying you on your next cycling adventure !

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