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Organise a birthday party on a bike

Publié le : 12/10/2021 16:32:23
Catégories : Miscellaneous

Organise a birthday party on a bike

You have a birthday to celebrate, you would like to celebrate it in an original way, do an activity with family or friends for the occasion but you have no idea? Why not go on a bike ride?

A bike ride can be the ideal activity! It's simple, easy, and guarantees you a great time with your family! If you don't have a bike, simply hire one for a day or half day at one of the many bike hire agencies in the town you are in.

Our different agencies located on the Canal du Midi allow you, from Toulouse or another city, to be able to pedal along the Canal du Midi without crossing the whole city. Therefore, if there are children in the group, we strongly recommend the Canal du Midi tour. The towpaths are well maintained, easily accessible and safe to ride on. Moreover, if the people in the group do not have the same physical abilities, no problem, we have classic bikes but also electric bikes allowing everyone to participate. The Canal du Midi is ideal for cycling, but also for relaxing in the peace and quiet, away from the bustle of the city. You can eat in a restaurant by the canal and blow out your candles, or have a picnic and then play games (board games, group games...) or continue cycling along the canal. If you don't want to come back by bike, you can take the train thanks to the different stations on your way. If you choose this option, you can discover more of the region.


If you prefer to go out in the town where you rent a bike, ask the tourist office or rental agency about the things to discover in the area.

Find our ideas for day trips from the cities in which our Paulette bike rental agencies are located in NantesToulouse, BéziersNarbonneSète and Argelès-sur-mer

You can therefore spend a day discovering the city in the morning, eating or picnicking and then cycling along the Canal du Midi in the afternoon.


If you spend the day in Toulouse and want to discover or rediscover the city in a different way, you can do a treasure hunt by bike! Your mission will be to discover the secret of Paulette's grandfather! To do this, you will have to use your game kits to explore the narrow streets of Toulouse in search of clues hidden in the four corners of the city! Find all the information here:



Stay tuned for more adventures with Paulette!

Find us and share your memories on Facebook and Instagram with #paulettebike. Don't forget to mention us: @paulettebike

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