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Renting a bike on the Canal du Midi but what for?

Publié le : 11/17/2021 14:46:33
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Renting a bike on the Canal du Midi but what for?

You want to rent a bike for an afternoon, a day or a few days, but don't really know where to go and what to do once you have the rental bike in your hands? Don't panic, if you're in the Occitanie region, we'll explain why cycling on the Canal du Midi is really ideal!

The Canal du Midi by bike: to disconnect from everyday life

The Canal du Midi is the easiest way to get a breath of fresh air! Whether you are in Toulouse or in one of the other towns along the Canal du Midi, you can hire a bike and quickly get to the Canal du Midi to cycle around. Cycling gives you a sense of freedom, a change of scene and a break from the hassles of everyday life. The Canal du Midi is therefore a direct access to get away from the urban agitation and pedal in complete safety in communion with nature. And of course, cycling is a good opportunity for physical activity, and everyone knows that sport is good for your health!

The Canal du Midi by bike: discover a place full of history

With its 240 kilometres of navigable waterways, the Canal du Midi, built in 1681, is one of the most remarkable constructions in France still in operation. (If you are interested in the history of the Canal du Midi, please read our article here ) Come and cycle along the Canal du Midi, by renting a Paulette bike in our agency in Toulouse for example, ideally situated on the banks of the Canal du Midi, follow in the footsteps of its engineer and builder Pierre Paul Riquet and discover the many locks and points of interest on the Canal!
Here are some of them:
- The nine locks of Fonseranes near Béziers on the Canal du Midi
- The Naurouze Threshold, unique in the world
- The Orb lock
- The Cesse canal bridge
- The round lock of Agde
Find out more about the major engineering structures on the Canal du Midi here

The Canal du Midi by bike: the ideal trip for children

No matter where you rent a bike on the Canal du Midi, thanks to our different agencies (Paulette Toulouse, Paulette Port Lauragais, Paulette Narbonne, Paulette Béziers or Paulette Sète) ideally located, in a few minutes you will be on the Canal du Midi. The proximity of our rental agencies allows you, even with children who are new to cycling, to quickly reach the Canal du Midi for a safe ride. Indeed, unlike the city and its many dangers, the Canal du Midi is the ideal place to cycle with children. No cars on the horizon and quiet towpaths where you can always keep an eye on your toddlers who can pedal a few metres ahead of you in complete safety.
Find out more about our tips for cycling on the Canal du Midi with children here

The Canal du Midi by bike: unique landscapes to discover in every season

Plane trees, vineyards, plains... so many different landscapes that you will discover along the Canal du Midi as you cycle along the water. So what could be better than discovering and rediscovering these landscapes in every season? To be able to do this we advise you to rent a bike in one of our Paulette agencies present on the whole Canal du Midi. Pedal your way through the greenery of spring, the fruit trees of the Indian summer and the glowing colours of autumn, all at your own pace. Please note, however, that the Canal du Midi is not always accessible in winter, as the towpaths are closed for maintenance purposes.

To organise your trip on the Canal du Midi, find out more about our routes on the Canal and also our good tips.

Don't hesitate! Come and rent a bike in one of our Paulette rental agencies and discover the Canal du Midi by bike!

Find our Paulette agencies on the Canal du Midi :
- Paulette bike rental Toulouse (58 Bd des Minimes)
- Paulette bike rental Narbonne (11 Bd Condorcet)
- Paulette bike rental Béziers (83 bis Avenue du Président Wilson)
- Paulette bike rental Sète (20 rue Denfert Rochereau)

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